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Child Eye Problems: Are They the Reason for Math Struggles?

“We’ve confirmed that visual processing may apply to dyslexia, but also to why some children have problems with mathematics and motor skills.”

These are the findings of Professor Hermundur Sigmundsson of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. A research group from the university compared two groups of children and found the above results to be true about child eye problems.

So what does this mean for your child? Could it be the underlying reason for poor math skills in school? Has your child been trying yet fighting to comprehend what other students seem to be grasping easier?

Struggles with reading and writing have traditionally been linked to signs of child eye problems. But with the new findings released from this study, the correlation of vision problems in children and low math comprehension is now something to look out for.

Signs to look out for

Traditionally, child eye problems were detected in school-aged children who had trouble focusing or seeing. This would immediately be linked to reading and language arts.

As this study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has found, there are obvious signs to look out for in your child with regard to issues with math as well.

The following are signs to look for in your child:

–       Placing decimals in the wrong places

–       Misaligned columns when writing out math problems

–       Reversing or flipping numbers

–       Preferring to do math using their fingers rather than write out the problems

Issues such as these can be the root cause of your child’s struggles with math in school. There may be underlying child eye problems that both you and your child are unaware of. Looking for these symptoms will help to identify what may be more than your little one simply not understanding the processes.

What to do if you identify child eye problems

Communication with your child can be a key component to placing a finger on exact issues. Review assignments with your child and remain aware of the signs listed above. One or two occurrences of such problems may be nothing to worry about, but keep an eye out for repetition.

If you do find that your child shows signs of having these problems, there are steps that can be put in place to help establish better vision. Through a comprehensive eye exam, we can discover the root cause—or causes—of troubles comprehending and performing math functions.

At Eye Hope, we specialize in pediatric ophthalmology and have examined and treated many child eye problems in patients as young as newborn. We have the technology and experience to know what to look for and how to treat the issues at hand.

If you suspect your child may be suffering in school due to child eye problems, reach out to us. Our friendly staff will walk you through options for what we can do to restore your child’s vision.